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Design & Construction Features

  • Core : The heart of the transformers is the core, built of high grade C.R.G.O. (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented), amorphous, non ageing , silicon grade electrical steel laminations which have high permeability & low hysterises loss. This section is kept uniform throughout magnetic circuit.
  • Core & Coil Assembly : Special care is taken to make core and coil assembly mechanically and electrically strong. For this horizontal and vertical supports made of compressed board of required strength and size, suitably interlocked are provided.
  • Windings : The windings are perfectly circular in shape and wound with high conductivity copper/Aluminum of Electrolytic commercial (EC) grade. The winding can be of any type depending upon the KVA and voltage class viz. Spiral, crossover, helical, continous disc.
  • Tapings : Tapings are normally kept at all the electrical centre of the windings and and are distributed to provide an even amp-turn balance. The Tapings are brought out from the HV Coils by means of heavily insulated leads to an off Circuit Tap switch.
  • Pressure Tested Tanks : The tanks are fabricted from high quality mild steel sheets with each seams electrically welded. Suitable bracing and stiffeners are provided for strong & robust construction. Enough cooling radiators made up of pressed steel/Elliptical tube are provided to maintain the temperature rise within specified limits. . The tanks are shot blasted, pressure tested and thouroughly cleaned.
  • Vaccum Drying : The core and coil assembly is dried in air drying oven to remove all traces of air and moisture.
  • Customized Solutions : These vary according to the requirements of the customers. Weather proof Porcelain bushings, SIU caged Breather, Filter and drain valves , Explosion vent and tapping switch are standard fittings.
  • Quality Testing Assurance : Each and every raw material which is used in making of a transformer is subjected to strict and vigirous testing. Every component is checked at all stages of inspection. The complete transformer undergoes all the routine /Acceptance test as per the IS:2026 and IS:1180 in our well equipped test laboratory.

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