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Compact Substations

Compact Substations

Electrical substation, one of the integral parts of the electrical distribution system has undergone many changes in terms of technology, components and forms.

Today the main requirement for any substation is to be compact and power efficient. For this purpose, Electromec offers compact substations which are also known as Prefabricated substations, Package Substations (PSS) or Unitized substations (USS).

A compact substation is a ready-to-install product which is cost efficient, can fit into small space and easy to install. Another advantage of this Compact Substation is easy to use. A typical Compact Substation consists of HV or MV switchgears, Transformer, and then LV switchgears.

These Substations are in high demand in India and specially in urban cities where there is a constraint of space. The main features of CSS are:

  • Factory assembled and ready to install
  • Compact Construction
  • Ease of access to components
  • Reduction in installation space, cost & time

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