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Electromec Engineering Enterprises

About Us

Production Process Flow-chart

Based in Uttar Pradesh, Electromec Engineering Enterprises is one of the reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Electrical Transformers. We entered the market in the year 1988 and have created a wide distribution network under the expert guidance of Mr. S R Gupta (Managing Partner).



Innovation is our foundation, which drives us to find out new means and methods to contribute to electrical industry in a significant way. While doing this, we also think about the impact created on the environment and try to come up with methods that can reduce it.


Our Infrastructure

We have a well-established infrastructure sprawling over a large area. We have highly specialized machines for making transformers. The production capacity is sufficient to meet bulk order requirements. In addition to that, we have testing unit, packaging unit and logistics department.


We Supply To : 

  • PVVNL, 
  • MVVNL, 
  • DVVNL, 
  • UPCL, 
  • NHAI, 
  • Indian Railways, 
  • UPRUNL, 
  • IDUP, 
  • MES, 
  • THDC, 
  • HPSEB, 
  • MPPVVNL etc.



TRANSFORMERS ranging from 10 KVA TO 10000 KVA (6.6/11/22/33 KV Class): -

  • Distribution Transformers till 5000 KVA 33 KV class
  • Power Transformers till 15000 KVA 66 KV class
  • Station Transformers till 5000 KVA up-to 66 KV class
  • Auxiliary Transformers till 100 KVA 25 KV Class
  • Single Phase Transformers till 25 KVA 11 and 6.6 KV class
  • Step up Transformers
  • Special Purpose Transformers (such as auto wound transformers, On Load Tap Changer Transformer (OLTC),
  • Booster Transformer, High Voltage Transformer, Star Rated Transformers, Delta-Delta Transformers and
  • Isolating Transformers) are supplied for customer specific demand.


Management Responsibility

Management is committed for development and implementation of the Quality Management System and continually improving the effectiveness by following actions. It has provided the vision and strategic direction for the growth of the QMS, and established quality objectives and the quality policy. To continue to provide leadership and show commitment to the improvement of the QMS, management will do the following:

  • Communicating everybody in the organization the importance of meeting customer requirements.
  • All regulatory requirements are complied with as per requirements of business.
  • Identifying the purpose and establishing the quality policy.
  • Establishing quality objectives at relevant levels.
  • Conducting management reviews for checking effectiveness of the system.
  • Participating in improvement projects, searching for better technology, equipment, methods, materials, etc.
  • Providing the structure and resources that are necessary to support the organization’s development plans.


Quality Policy

We at Electromec are responsible for formulating the Quality Policy and consider the following points to define the quality policy : -

  • It is appropriate to the purpose of the Organization.
  • It reflects commitment to meet the requirements, and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.
  • It has a framework for defining and reviewing of Quality Objectives.
  • It is communicated and understood by all concerned in the Organization.
  • It is regularly reviewed for continuing suitability.
  • It is reviewed for continual improvement by PDCA cycle.

Managing Partner ensures that quality policy & objectives are widely circulated and displayed at prominent places within the premises for easy and regular sight of all concern so that employees could read & understand the same.

Employees are briefed about this policy. All employees are responsible to implement the quality policy of the Electromec Engineering Enterprises.


Quality Assurance Plan


  • We have employed a highly qualified and experienced Technical Person, who is our Technical Head. Under his direct
  • Supervision, strict quality control is maintained at all levels of the manufacturing process. Under his guidance, the most economically viable and effective designs are made to provide the best quality products to the customer at a very economic price.
  • The designs are prepared in compliance with relevant ISS standards and in line with the customer specifications.


Winding Department

Samples of HV & LV Coils are checked for all the relevant Dimensions and Resistance etc. and the figures are compared with the given data. Suitable corrective steps are taken if there is any disappearances in the design. This section is headed by our supervisor with a work experience of more than 45 years in transformers.


Core Coil Assembly

Only full mitered Core Construction is employed to reduce the Core Losses and Magnetizing Current. Sample checking of Core diameter is carried out. For the Core Coil Assembly, high quality of insulating material is used for better electrical and mechanical strength of transformer. All the leads are held tightly in position with the help of special bracket arrangement made of thick Bakelite flats. This maintains all the leads etc. in correct positions and these are not disturbed due to jerks etc. during transport.


Testing and Inspection

Testing done on core coil assembly before tanking :

  • Ratio and Polarity
  • Resistance
  • Megger (each core coil assembly, before and after Heating)
  • Clearance


Testing done after tanking of transformers:

  • High Voltage Test
  • Double Voltage Double Frequency Test
  • No Load Loss and Load Loss at 50% and 100%
  • Heat Run Tests
  • Unbalanced Current Test
  • Checking of Vector Group Connections
  • Pressure Test
  • Sparking Test

And all other relevant tests as mentioned in relevant ISS. On specific requirement of customers, other type tests such as Short Circuit Tests, Impulse Test, Heat Run Test and Temperature rise test can be done at CPRI Bhopal, CPRI NOIDA, ERDA Vadodra and NTH Ghaziabad on chargeable basis.


List of Certifications

  • MSME Certificate
  • BEE Certificate
  • BIS Certificate
  • DIC Certificate
  • SSI Certificcate
  • ISO Certificate
  • CORE Certificate

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Electromec Engineering Enterprises

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